Staying Lost



Project Type: School


Staying Lost was designed for the release of an album called ‘Staying Lost’ by fictional music artist JUICE. The electropop artist created an album inspired dreams and letting go of reality. The music featured on the album has by neo-psychedelia qualities and creating a new reality for the listener. The overall brand identity for the album creates a hallucinogenic dream like aesthetic. Each piece is meant to be seen as a collector’s item. The final pieces are: logo design, album + CD Design, and a Vinyl.


NOTE: The logo is designed to portray a flowing movement.  The final arraignment of the logo was carefully considered making the legible of each letter a priority, as well as to make the completed logo appear balanced. 


NOTE: The cover art is a photo manipulation illustrating the albums narrative of choosing to enjoy the dream state and checking out of reality. It seamlessly combines the albums logo into final design.

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