Twisted Lov

2018 - Present

Tl single.png

Project Type: Personal

Twisted Lov started as a school project for a logo and brand competition. Eventually the logo designed for a fictional streetwear brand turned into a tangible passion project. Twisted Lovs  core message is to subtly encourage expressing love through its brand voice, clothing, and artistic designs. Every design has a limited run and are never reproduced entirely the same way. Only one large release of hoodies has been made and a limited tie-dye addition. The hoodies are sold out.  Currently all hoodies are sold out and the business is on hold until I graduate this year.


NOTE: The logo and brand name was methodically designed to represent exactly what the brand intends are; to be unique and timeless. It was a long process to execute the logo as it was imagined. The final twists and the use of the letter “O” are what brings individuality to the logo and sets it apart from other designs.

twisted lov tie dye hoodie

NOTE: Hand tie-dyed hoodies with hot pink screen printed designs. This was an exclusive addition to the solid black hoodies.


NOTE: Stickers and a mail out were designed in 2018 for the original school project.